Symptoma Scholarship

The Symptoma Scholarship has been awarded between 2017 and 2019. We congratulate the winners and thank all applicants.


Both founders of Symptoma, Thomas Lutz and Jama Nateqi, had to work hard themselves during their studies to finance the costs (more than 100,000 USD in total). While studying, they founded Symptoma.

This scholarship makes the life of hard-working students a bit easier. Symptoma awards up to 3,000 USD/year: 500 USD per year and person (max. 6 people) - internationally.

If you are already working hard to finance your studies and would highly welcome a further financial relieve, then you are who we are addressing with this scholarship.



You are currently studying actively and are working to finance it.

What to do?

Apply here. We will then identify the 6 best-fitting students to the best of our knowledge. All decisions are final.


Ellie Palmer

Ellie Palmer (Canterbury, UK)

Student at University of London, Ancient and Medieval History BA
Student at King's College London, Medieval Studies MA

Deniz Tafrali

Deniz Tafrali (Ellwangen, Germany)

Student at Medical University Graz, Human Medicine

Brandon Morrison

Brandon Morrison (Durham, UK)

Student at University of Durham, Mathematical Physics

Síle, Johnson

Síle, Johnson (Oxford, UK)

Student at University of Oxford, Human Medicine

Adam Mc Gowan

Adam Mc Gowan (London, UK)

Student at Royal Collage of Art, MA Painting

Verena Fuchs

Verena Fuchs (Rosenberg, Germany)

Student at Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Wirtschaftspädagogik


Ayah Elomrani

Ayah Elomrani (Leicester, UK)

Student at University of Nottingham, Law

Christian Horvat

Christian Horvat (Leoben, Austria)

Student at Montan University Leoben, Applied Geosciences

Christoph Hauzenberger

Christoph Hauzenberger (Ried im Traunkreis, Austria)

Student at Johannes Kepler University, Business Education

Jean-Pascal Grenier

Jean-Pascal Grenier (Innsbruck, Austria)

Student at Medical University of Innsbruck, Human Medicine

Nikola Mikic

Nikola Mikic (Zrenjanin,Serbia)

Student at University in Novi Sad, Medical Faculty, Human Medicine

Nina Hartmann

Nina Hartmann (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Student at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, International Management


Philipp Münch

Philipp Münch (Heidelberg, Germany)

Student at Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Medicine

Teodora Pasulj

Teodora Pasulj (Zrenjanin, Serbia)

Student at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences

Julia Schäfer

Julia Schäfer (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry and Biosciences

Neven Obradovic

Neven Obradovic (GRUBIŠNO POLJE, Croatia)

Student at University of Zagreb, School of Medicine

Christina Sieberer

Christina Sieberer (Oberalm, Austria)

Student at Fachhochschule Salzburg University for Applied Science, Multi Media Art

Gabriela Golem

Gabriela Golem (Split, Croatia)

Student at University of Split, Faculty of Economics